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Our platforms are engineered to provide upwards of 15% savings in transportation expenditures.

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Producing Savings from ‘Found Profit Dollars’

  • The Launchpad for optimizing all facets of transportation expenditures
  • Allows Sales & Marketing to react rapidly to changing freight movements and expenses
  • Shows Purchasing patterns in vendor utilization, pricing and billing practices
  • Enables Supply Chain to accurately align expenses with forecasts and budget


Providing ‘Disruptive’ Bidding Reports

  • Provides groundbreaking insight into shipment performance’s
  • Facilitates identifying “Best Value” shipping options by Weight group, Class and Location
  • Powerful weapons to [Re-] negotiate contract & rates

What are your Transportation Management Challenges?

  • Are Logistics Economic Order Quantity options being reviewed and adjusted throughout the year?
  • Are all shipments priced with the lowest combinations: Classification Changes? Density? Tariffs? Class Rules? Minimum Charges? Discount Levels?
  • Is the full impact of new vendors, new products, and new customers on your transportation expenses fully understood?
  • How often are transportation contracts re-aligned to address changes in shipping patterns and accessorial charges?


Pre & Post Audit Services

  • Focuses on Audit Gaps
  • Effectively satisfies full spectrum of audit reporting needs
  • Recovers “Lost Profit Dollars”


Optimizing Transportation G/L Budgets

  • Provides Finance with information essential to profitably guide the business

OPTMtelligence Roadmap

Obtaining an OPTMtelligence Roadmap of your freight expenses will put you in the fast lane to understanding, and improving, all aspects of your transportation management performance. Our innovative Roadmap report captures how and where you’re spending your transportation dollars, highlighting whether you're on course – or are approaching ‘roadblocks’ – as you strive to optimize your transportation expenditures, including Small Package,  Less-Than-Truckload, and Truckload shipments.

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