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Welcome to Optimum Expenditures Group LLC

Optimum Expenditures Group LLC is a diversified freight management audit and compliance reporting company that specializes in supply chain logistics.  

We are a team of professionals who have more than one hundred years of combined experience, working and consulting with diverse industries since the late 60s – from the top Fortune 500 companies to the smallest of shippers. There are always savings to be found.

Welcome to our website.  We have developed a new and innovative concept to help businesses:

The Optimum Advantage:

Distribution Network Optimization 

  • You can collaborate with a third-party provider to offer opportunities to consolidate in-bound as well as out-bound shipments and take control of your supply chain management.
  • Through downloads of data, we can merge transportation information to help you obtain optimum cost reductions.
  • A publicly held company is required by the SEC to have outside audits performed. An audit will frequently uncover carrier shipping practices that may cost you money … money that you will never recover. We can help you put the brakes on further losses and make your transportation department more efficient and profitable.

Additionally, through our affiliated companies we are delivering audit/compliance and marketing/branding capabilities that creatively address other important challenges for our customers.