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A look into the
Carrier's Profit Centers

Optimum Expenditures Group, LLC

A look into Motor Carrier Profits

Utilizing 40 years in the industry, we understand the hidden profit center in the motor carrier industry and then designed solutions for it 

OPTMtelligence Roadmap

Obtaining an OPTMtelligence Roadmap of your freight expenses will put you in the fast lane to understanding, and improving, all aspects of your transportation management performance. 


Producing Savings from ‘found profit dollars’

  • The Launchpad for optimizing all facets of transportation expenditures
  • Shows Purchasing patterns in vendor utilization, pricing and billing practices


Providing ‘Disruptive’ Bidding Reports

  • Provides groundbreaking insight into shipment performance’s
  • Facilitates identifying “Best Value” shipping options by Weight group, Class and Location
  • Powerful weapons to [Re-] negotiate contract & rates


Pre & Post Audit Services

  • Focuses on Audit Gaps
  • Effectively satisfies full spectrum of audit reporting needs
  • Recovers “Lost Profit Dollars”


Optimizing Transportation G/L Budgets

  • Provides Finance with information essential to profitably guide the business

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